Ocularists specialize in creating detailed, custom-made ocular prothestics (artificial eyes)

Fred Harwin founded and now serves as a Senior Advisor for The Center for Ocular Prosthetics, LLC. The Center creates detailed, custom-made ocular prothestics (artificial eyes), for those young and old alike, transforming the appearances of prisoners, priests and everyone in between.


Patients have ranged from the tiniest of babies to the elderly. They may be victims of rosebushes, fireworks or birth defects. Despite the state of medical reimbursement, we take the time to get to know each of our patients and personalize each eye with a tiny drawing chosen by the patient.

Sample of patient quotes and testimonials below:

"Thank-you for the superb work on my eye. It definitely has a twinkle and aliveness. My dolphin is perfectly lovely. I appreciate your magnificent ability, and enjoyed so much spending quality time with you. My eye is a true work of art!"


"I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and considerate towards me, your patent. My new eye is wonderful and has greatly increased my confidence. I thank God for you and the work that you do."


"Every time I look in the mirror, I silently say thank you - you're just the best and I love my eye!! P.S. I even got a date!"


"Getting my prosthesis was a very pleasant experience. Thanks for the safe and excellent workmanship".


"Putting aside the stressful sad experience of John having to have his left eye extracted, the next procedure of having a prosthesis skillfully made, was a beautiful and interesting time in both of our lives. We thank you so much for your expertise, talent and for caring."


"Just a note to let you know Bob is doing extremely well with his prosthesis. It is so comfortable he forgets he has it in. We are so pleased with the results. You and your staff made the entire experience pleasurable and we expected it to be a somewhat grueling and unpleasant experience, we must admit. Thanks for being such nice people."

Bob & Lee