Purple: The Face of Democracy by Fred Harwin

Artist, Medical Illustrator, Ocularist and more. Mr. Harwin's career has spanned multiple areas and specialties.

Purple, The Face of Democracy by Fred Harwin

Purple, The Face of Democracy (2022) is an oil painting on canvas (4' x 2')

If the eyes are the window to the soul, this painting is intended to capture the soul of America today.

While the image reflects one face - and we are one country - there are distinct differences throughout. The right half of the face is reddish purple, and the left half is bluish purple. While the iris of the right eye contains red elephants, the left iris has blue donkeys.

But, in spite of these differences, there are elements of harmony. Words appear in the blood vessels of both eyes: team work and collaboration, partnerships and compromise. And both eyes - right and left - have a star, representing the star in our flag.

Today, we wear masks for protection - tomorrow we may wear them to hide. We cannot let our collective frustration destroy the democracy we treasure.